Fixed Bugs & Known Limitations

Fixed Bugs:

  • MSC Apex Generative Design supports one material for all spaces. As a workaround unsupported options can be added using the Advanced User Settings to define different materials.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design may ignore boundary conditions if a pressure load as well as other conditions are applied on the same surface. Pressure loads can only be applied on the specific surface where no other boundary conditions are active.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design might generate results that use material outside of the Design Space. This only happens for small features and is depending on the chosen complexity. As a workaround the component generating this behaviour can be deactivated by writing the following command in the Advanced User Settings: MorphologicCorrection.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design might not consider the Event Specific Stress Goal order correctly. As a workaround an Event Specific Stress Goal for each Event needs to be set.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design might generate different results while calculating in different unit systems due to inaccuracies/differences of decimal places.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design supports one solid using the User Interface. As a workaround the command line optimisation input can be influenced and multiple solids realised.

Known Limitations:

  • Remote submittal of simulation is not supported in MSC Apex Generative Design release 2021.1. However; one could use command line submittal of Optimization jobs on both Linux and Windows and import the results into the application. For more information on Command Line Optimization; please see:

  • Per default the Complexity cannot exceed available memory. As a workaround one can add an Advanced User Setting.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design might not visualize Non-Design Spaces using the Shape Quality “Preview”. The Non-Design Spaces are considered in the optimisation but because of the coarse resolution level of these iterations not visualized (fully). Choose another Shape Quality setting to run a complete optimisation and receive a full visualization.

  • "Restart" is not directly selectable in the User Interface but is available for the optimisation as an unsupported option using the Advanced User Settings. For more information have a look here.

  • The simulation may fail using a remote solver due to the case sensitivity of the machine name.

  • You might not be able to zoom in the stress chart view in Post.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design might produce different results for the same model in different orientations.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design may not start up due to the presence of wide-characters in the program path. Please change the location of the program to a path without any wide characters.

  • While uninstalling MSC Apex Generative Design some files might not be removed.

  • MSC Apex Generative Design will not consider Pressure Loads when activating the Advanced User Setting command: automaticFunctionalFacesDetection.positiveNondesignDirection=false. This combination of input is not supported by the algorithm. As a workaround the additional Advanced User Setting command can be deleted.

  • Machining allowances selected with the GD Configuration Tool might not be the same geometries as before. As a workaround the machining allowances can be created manually on the newly created Design Space.

  • If Retained Volumes are included, the mass is estimated based on the different densities of the volumes.

  • When using the GD Configuration Tool, loads and boundary conditions placed on the original parts Non-Design cells will not be transferred to the created Design Space. Please create the loads and boundary conditions after creating the Design Space with the GD Configuration Tool.

  • Parallelisation of GPUs is not supported in this release.