What's Changed in 2021.2

Here is an overview of the changes regarding the workflow from the last version to the new 2021.2 version:

Isotropic Material

  • The tensile strength is required as an input in the material properties.

  • This parameter is connected to the usage of the Safety Factor for the different Failure Criteria. The Safety Factor together with this tensile strength result in the optimisation goal.

Manufacturing Method & Failure Criteria:

  • The Manufacturing Method is newly introduced to support the user in selecting suitable material and failure criterion. With the option Generic AM and Von Mises the optimisation can be conducted as in previous releases.

  • The Failure Criteria can all be used by inputting a Safety Factor. For isotropic materials and Von Mises Failure Criterion the stress goal is still available as the optimisation goal. Old projects will be upgraded and can be calculated as they were.

Command Line Optimisation

  • The Configuration File format has changed from a text file format to the JSON file format. More information regarding the new input commands and examples here.

  • To start a command line optimisation new extensions are necessary to the start the optimisation. The path to the configuration file needs to be added. More information here.

Advanced User Settings Input

  • New commands have been introduced for the Advanced User Settings options. More information here.