Performance Comparison Nurbs Retransition

The Facet-To-NURBS Tool has been significantly enhanced again between the 2021.1 and 2021.2 version. A new algorithm regarding the partitioning of the patches has been implemented. This results in a significant time reduction and also lesser memory for the exported geometry. Some of the Demo parts were used to evaluate the versions against each other and the result can be seen below.

The performance between 2020 FP1 and 2021 was improved by 70% in almost all cases. Between the 2021 and 2021.1 releases another improvement of at least 20% could be reached. And in this latest release an improvement of at least 60% and up to nearly 90% could be achieved.

Now nearly all models can be transformed from STL-files to NURBS CAD-fiels in just a few minutes.